Workshop Do-in

Susanne Wollin
Erik Romme & Patricia de Cossío host a special guest

Reaching out like a Gingko-tree
From the grounded standing, the Gingko tree reaches out in movement.
From out the heart of his stem he explores the earth and the heaven.

We will do that, too, exploring our movement within by reaching out with Do-In.
Do-In is the Japanese way of self-shiatsu by movement in alert relaxation.
Be the tree, be the life, experience and explore your inside life energy by reaching out.

Practical details

Date / Time:

Sunday 17 July, 3-4 pm


ARS, Pieterskerkgracht 9A, Leiden




all ages, number of participants 15-20.


via Susanne Wollin:  06-22432436
BI-flexible: Do-In, Shiatsu massage en Wandelcoaching

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